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Greenbuild 2012 - Call for Legacy Project Proposals

Greenbuild 2012 - Call for Legacy Project Proposals
Deanna VanBuren - Tue Feb 07, 2012 @ 05:04PM
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As many of you know the 2012 Green Build Conference and Expo will descend upon the city of San Francisco in November of this year and is looking to repeat the success they have been having with their Legacy Project in cities across the country. The Legacy Project will provide seed funding to create a permanent gift to the host city, as a means of service, education, and thanks to the local community where the conference is held.

  The obje Currently this grant is primarily being advertised on the Norcal USGBC website and it may not reach a wider distribution of participants that the committee is trying to access. Therefore subcommittee members such as myself are also reaching out to grassroots organizations, city agencies and underserved communities who may be able to benefit from a gift such as this.

While the USGBC addresses social responsibility within its mission statement the majority of its efforts often appear to be geared towards environmental solutions for improving our quality of life. It seems prudent then to support  efforts on their part to frame the sustainability agenda as one where environmental, social and economic sustainability are an equal part of the answer. The hope is that the Legacy Project will provide a long lasting gift to a community in need that embodies this holistic approach to creating a healthy society. 



Comments: 11


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