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Mumford Awards

Congratulations to our Awardees!

Each year, Architects/ Designers/ Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR) recognizes and honors individuals and organizations that further our mission of Peace, Sustainable Development, and the Environment. The 2014 Lewis Mumford Awards were presented at our Awards Ceremony on Saturday August 16 at the Boston Green Festival in Boston, MA.

adpsr_Mumford_2010_ceremony_035_for_web.jpgMumford Award plaques are often sculptures made of recycled materials

A list of previous recipients can be found at our Mumford Award History page. Our most recent awardees are:

2014 Awardees:

Peace: Ethan Zuckerman & the MIT Center for Civic Media
Environment: Slow Money, Maine, as representative of Slow Money, National
Development: Ken Smith & Youth Build Boston, as a representative of Youth Build National

2013 Awardees:

Peace: The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, New York
Environment: The Foundation for a Green Future, Inc., Boston
Development: The Center for Urban Pedagogy, New York

2012 Awardees:

Peace: The Nobelity Project, Austin
Environment: The Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, Austin
Development: Project Row House, Houston

This is your chance to reward those deserving recognition for outstanding achievement in any or all of these three categories.

Please fill out our nomination form to nominate worthy individuals or organizations. Please provide a separate form for each nominee.If you have any questions, please contact mumford@adpsr.org. Nominations must be received by June 30, 2014

Nominations are reviewed by the National Board of ADPSR, who will make the final decision.We look forward to your participation and your nominations.

Information is available at www.adpsr.org/home/mumford_awards.  Nomination forms are available on-line or download at http://adpsr.org/form/62668

In 1992, ADPSR instituted an annual Lewis Mumford awards program to honor people and organizations whose work exemplifies social responsibility. The awards were named after Lewis Mumford (1895-1990) an American historian, sociologist, philosopher, and critic, noted for his study of cities and urban architecture. Lewis Mumford's writings continue to inspire and remind us that architecture, design, and planning must respond to human needs, harmonize with its surroundings, and reflect the aspirations and social context of our civilization.

For further information call , or  mumford@adpsr.org, www.adpsr.org/home/mumford_awards