Human rights is the most broadly respected framework for ensuring shared security and prosperity that the world has ever known.

Human Rights define a spectrum of value for projects in the built environment, from plans and buildings that help vulnerable populations and disadvantaged people realize their basic rights, to those that actively violate the rights of life and liberty. ADPSR advocates for a society where investments are made in buildings that lift people up, and where willful human rights abuses are a thing of the past. We believe that the design professions can help provide leadership to achieve a just, peaceful, and equitable world.

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Taking a stand against projects within the criminal Justice system that violate Human Rights.

As people of conscience and as a profession dedicated to improving the built environment for all people, we cannot participate in the design of spaces that violate human life and dignity. Participating in the development of buildings designed for killing, torture, or cruel, inhuman or degrading is fundamentally incompatible with professional practice that respects standards of decency and human rights.

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Taking a stand against all systems that use the built environment as an instrument to enforce inhumane policies.

ADPSR takes an active role in shaping a built environment that is characterized by respect for Human and Environmental rights. 

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